I'm a creative problem solver hell-bent on helping others get the outcomes they want at work and at home.


The Work Life Lab is a place to explore what works- and what doesn't- as we all try to strike that elusive sense of professional and personal balance. Here I share what I'm testing in my full-time work as an independent management consultant and mom of three.

I'm on a mission to help ambitious, goal-oriented women get the outcomes they want at work and in life by seeing their potential, focusing their efforts, and managing their time. Because I'm a work-in-progress, I start each day with me. I'll never share advice I haven't put to the test in my own life.

A little bit about my work...

I founded Federal MicroConsulting in 2013. We get federal and non-profit clients the expertise they need, precisely when they need it on contracts under the micropurchase threshold. In my own consulting work, I'm a strategic planner and communications consultant. I also love to facilitate meetings and help teams work better together. I’ve been fortunate to work side-by-side with clients as they tackle big changes in their organizations.

A little bit about my family...

I have three completely awesome and totally adorable kids. They make me want to do my best every day and set a good example for how to be kind and how be brave. My husband brings buckets of support, encouragement, and humor to our relationship and family. To help get things interesting, we have a high-maintenance dog* and a cat who wakes up just about everyday on the wrong side of the bed. Our two fish don't talk back so I have that going for me. We love to get outside, try new things, and make each other laugh.

*Our dog Bella is pictured below (left) with her sister, Gracie (right) who we lost 2 years ago. I still miss her.

Other tidbits 

We may have met through my published pieces on Inc.com, GovExec.com, Bloomberg Government, or my retired blog Goviepop. My book, Flock: Getting Leaders to Follow is a best seller in Organizational Behavior on Amazon.com and I'm pretty excited about it. Most recently, I launched Own It: Drive Your Career to a Place of Happiness and Success. You can download it for free here.

I've presented and participated at federal and industry events including the Toigo Ground Breakers, Women in Leadership conference for professional women, National Facilities Management and Technology (NFMT) conference, Women in Facilities panel, Department of the Interior professional education events, and the Chesapeake Bay Organizational Development Network (CBODN.) 

I am a board member with the Institute for Conservation Leadership (ICL) providing training, coaching, organizational development support to range of environmental non-profits. I am a strategic advisor to A is for Africa-- a small, family-run 501 (c) 3 giving students in Tanzania a leg up by sponsoring a daily hot lunch, access to computers and books, and improving teacher education.

I hold a BA in Political Science from James Madison University. I adore my family, running, cooking, and anything furry and four-legged.  I have never felt tied down to one hair color, can barely close my dresser drawers, and love looking at before and after pictures of any kind.

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