promises and intentions

We all try not to make promises we can't keep. That's true for me but I've found that I have a better track record with others than with myself. So instead of making another promise here, I'll just state my intention. Use this writing space to be the first, most raw and unrefined versions of the thoughts I want to share on work-- communications, meetings, federal government, etc. and some personal stuff-- kids, pets, life stuff.

Putting that stuff here makes sense because my regular readers are those I'm closest to (thanks Mom and Dad!)-- the most forgiving of typos, the most welcoming of random thoughts, the most willing to engage on or offline.

I've been so lucky over the last couple of months to find additional writing outlets through other blogs/online magagines. Unfortunately, the volume of words that those opportunities created (and frankly the exposure) has me writing less-- not more.

I have coffee in the biggest cup from the cabinet, a baby on my lap, and a bunch of stuff in the queue. Here's I go... (again.)