extreme makeover, powerpoint edition

Have you ever been in a crowded elevator at work and spent the trip down mentally giving everyone new hair? In my imagination, these busy executives are grateful for the fresh new look-- and the outfit tips I throw in just for fun.

The real reaction would surely be far from glee so, needless to say, I've never piped up. Maybe it's just wishful thinking that someday I'll luck into an elevator ride with the adorable and talented Ted Gibson and he'll forever solve the tangled, flat mess that I've been struggling with for 40 years (will fact check whether or not I had hair at birth. I can't remember). In my fantasy, Ted and I hit it off so well that he decides to move to Falls Church and swings by every morning with a latte and his hairdryer. A girl can dream.

Anyway, I love before and after pictures-- personal, home, and now PowerPoint slides. Wait, what? Yes!  Slideshare does makeovers and they're pretty clever. Click here to see one.

The "before" slides look so much like millions of decks I've created myself over the years. The "afters" are so clean and simple that it wouldn't take too much time to try it out. Part of trick is communicating why to client and getting them onboard with stuffing the detailed content into the notes section. If you're prepping for a big internal meeting, the format might throw people off for a moment... until you hit back with great, well-prepared talking points.

Give it a shot!