far out

Absolute distance makes the reaching the goal harder. Running 26 miles is more difficult than 1. Perceived distance makes reaching the goal harder too but for a different reason.

Our perception of distance can make us believe a goal is farther out than it really is. This perceived distance can be hugely demotivating. It can prevent us from taking the first step and getting started simply because we believe it’s going be too hard to find our way or even worse-- because it's going to take too long.

Physically, mentally, emotionally moving towards something that we want but that seems really hard or not fully understood goes against our most hard-wired survival instincts.

Shortening the distance between ourselves and our goals—even by a single step-- brings sharper focus and might even spark an idea for how to take the second step. A journey of a thousand miles…. Right?

Do one scary thing today.