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The final details for the eBook are coming together. One of the things left on my "to do" list is finalizing the cover and you can help.  Here are the mockups.  Thoughts? Vote for the one you like best using the buttons below.

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I wanted to write this book because I talk to people every day who, like me, are looking for something in their careers. They want to know if they're on the right track, if what they're doing now is "it" or if they should try something else, and if they time they're spending away from their kids or other commitments is worth it.

I believe some of the ways to think about these questions and answer them for ourselves are in these pages and there is much more we'll discover as we grow this community of smart, driven, professional women. 

I appreciate your help with cover and look forward to sharing the material with you on June 2. If you're not already subscribed, please do so now (there's a little box up there on the top right). As subscriber you'll get the book delivered straight to your inbox the day before the launch.  Woohoo!

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