Bad Boss Stories

Collections aren't cool as they used to be, you know, with all of this tidying up we're doing.  So if you've been good about clearing stuff out but still have the urge to pile up some random stuff in one place, consider adding to this short, e-collection of bad boss stories.

  • "Giving the first employee of the month award to himself.", Huffington Post
  • "My first boss was the founding partner of a mid-sized law firm in Boston….He used to come in every morning, vise-grip my head with his hands, kiss the top of it, and say 'hello my luv, ho-e-you, ho-e-you'. Then he'd proceed to shred me all day long. His best moments were after I was sick and lost too much weight, used to walk around screaming 'where's the damned stick with t*ts?.' Really. I worked for him for 15 years. , Huffington Post
  • “I had a boss who tried to fire a retired employee. She had told him that he could not retire because there was too much work to be done, but he retired anyway. When she found out, she was heard throughout the office screaming into the speakerphone at the personnel director that she wanted to fire the employee. The personnel director chuckled as he told her that she could not fire an employee who had already quit.”, PennLive
  • “The first thing he does that is horrible is he points to his office when he wants to see me. He doesn’t call me by my name. Then he gives me a list of things that the higher-ups specifically told him to do and tells me to do it. He then tells me that the higher-ups don’t like me and I shouldn’t be friends with them. ( I know this isn’t true from talking to the higher-ups). He goes golfing and says that it’s company business and gets paid to go golfing while I do all his work and mine.”, PennLive