Living-and Leading-With Intent for Toigo Groundbreakers, NYC October 2016

Living-and Leading-With Intent for Toigo Groundbreakers, NYC October 2016

Imagine creating your life by design and not by chance. Developing both a sense of where you are and where you want to be are the first basic—though surprisingly challenging—first steps toward creating a plan to get there. Clarity of your intentions (both at work and at home/in your community) can have a positive and immediate impact on your interactions with colleagues and superiors, family members, friends and more. While it takes focus and perseverance, the process can be fun, too. Living with intent is about discovering what makes you happy—not what others want for you—and striving toward those values.

FREE! Guide to IT Workforce Planning for FITARA

This free, 5-page approach document was developed to be a quick guide to how your agency can approach IT workforce planning for FITARA. Complete the short form below and you'll be immediately provided a link to download the PDF. If you need a MS Word version to use and modify for your agency, please contact me directly at and I'll email one right over.

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Additional templates, examples, and checklists

I pulled together a couple of examples that I created with and for clients over the years. Below you'll find links strategic planning resources, sample meeting agendas and checklists, presentations, and other stuff. 

  • Goals and Action Items: This is a planning worksheet to help you get really clear on where you want to go and what you need to do to get there. Questions are included to spark your thinking if you're feeling stuck.
  • Your Professional Investments:  This exercise was designed to jog your memory about the investments you've made in yourself, your education, and career. After brainstorming a preliminary list, you refine and categorize the actions you've taken to better yourself. The purpose is to build personal awareness so that you can readily share this information in a job interview, client pitch, or presentation. Sharing your investments is a powerful way to describe your values and experiences.
  • Job "Fix it" Worksheet:  This worksheet was designed to help you assess what's right and what's wrong at work, then develop a "get well" plan. If you don't love your job but can't quit (at least right now), what are the practical steps you can take to improve your happiness at work? This simple exercise is intended to help you figure that out.
  • Self Assessment Worksheet:  This self assessment worksheet includes 10 key promotion criteria. Use this to score yourself and imagine how your boss would score you. Variances greater than 2 points indicate areas you need to build greater alignment before seeking a promotion.
  • Fake It 'Til You Make It Checklist:  Preparation and practice make faking it actually effective. Here's a checklist to use before your next big meeting of event where you want to show up as the best, most capable version of yourself.
  • Strategic Planning Preparation. Planning a strategic planning meeting? Here is a list of (tough) questions to send out to participants beforehand. Asking them to review and think about the answers will help each person tune into their vision and aspirations for the organizations. The technique helps save time and generate more thoughtful, conversation-- and, ultimately, a more truly strategic plan!
  • Leadership Buy-in Guide:  Want to make a big, iwannachangetheworldandfixourbusiness kind of move? Great.  Click here because you're probably going to need leadership buy-in to get out out of your head, off your desk, and through all of those approval gates. Buy-in though, of course, goes beyond approval to real, whole-hearted support.  This guide will help you do some thinking around what you want to say.
  • Performance Metrics: Everyone loves pitches, updates, and reports with numbers. The challenge is to come up with the right ones that are accurate, build credibility, and support your case. Click here for a presentation on performance metrics and how you can map metrics back to your strategic plan to get even more oompf out of your numbers.

Interested in a editable, customizable set? Just send me a direct message @RobinCamarote with your email address and I'll send 'em over.