My hourly rate is $150. I provide customized planning, communication, and meeting facilitation support based on your organization's unique needs.

Ultralight Strategic Planning is a bundled service provided at a discounted hourly rate. Each one of the four phases is a flat rate of $2475. This price includes 20 hours of pre-planning, active participation with your team in meetings, developing the strategy, and drafting content. The activities in each step are built on a foundation of my experience with past clients and observations on what worked best. 

The work can be done in combination or separately with the team-building meeting as a recommended starting point. These four core elements of strategic action planning are designed to scale to any size organization and can be focused on solving specific strategic planning challenges. 

My clients have used this approach to develop broad, organizational strategic plans, as well as, as an effective way to manage significant changes or answer the question “what’s next” after a big event. More narrowly scoped, change management plans have addressed complex process improvements, big events, resource turn-over, shifts in senior leadership, and others.