Smithsonian Institution

Ms. Camarote developed a strategic plan to help the Smithsonian better engage and utilize more than 30 advisory boards aligned to the unique units of the Institution. The role included extension senior interviews, best practice research, strategy development, and budget reviews that culminated in a recommendations and implementation report.  The Smithsonian is currently implementing these recommendations with an aim of reaching out to this vast network of supporters to help meet their mission and fundraising goals for the next several years.

National Park Service, Park Facility Management Division

Ms. Camarote has supported the National Park Service since 2002. Starting with strategic planning, program management, communications and meeting facilitation, she has contributed long-term programmatic planning input to the NPS Accessibility Strategy, Centennial Initiative, Freeze the Footprint, multiple evolutions of the PFMD strategic plan, and annual work plans.

She has facilitated meetings ranging from regular working group calls to strategic planning meetings attended by staff from the Director to park level staff. Ms. Camarote was also involved in conducting an analysis of capital investment scenarios through fund source analysis, including documentation of the opportunities and current limitations of each program. Additionally, Ms. Camarote has provided ad hoc support for an estimated 70 urgent communication and analytical requirements from the Department of the Interior (DOI), the Office of Management and Budget, and Congress.