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Ultralight Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is the path to getting anything done with intention. Sure things we want can just happen—but hoping to luck into our goals isn’t really good strategy to achieving them. While we know that planning is important often we make it more difficult than it needs to be. So strategic planning has a bad rap—it’s time-consuming, tedious, expensive and downright unpleasant. To make matters worse, we get to the end of the planning process and wonder what we’ve accomplished. We have some things written down but… Are they actionable? Are they bold? Are they really strategic?

Unfortunately, during many well-intentioned strategic planning efforts, good ideas get watered down after multiple reviews. The concepts that initially had a little pop are stripped, pared back, or buried. The steps to get from here to any big, audacious goal becomes less clear, the milestone a little more vague, and the timelines fuzzy. 

The alternative is a vastly streamlined, ultralight planning process that focuses you and your team on the most pieces of any strategic plan- team-building, an actionable plan, the people and skills needed to do the work, and how you're going to stay connected through communications and engagement. 

The Ultralight Strategic Planning Process

The Ultralight Strategic Planning approach clarifies roles, unites your team, and generates enthusiasm around a common set of goals. It is an intentionally simple, four-part process. The elements can be done in sequence or any combination to precisely meet your unique challenge. Each step (shown with more detail below) is quick and completely focused on creating sparks. Those sparks generate the momentum needed to move your organization forward.

Working together through each step, teams develop stronger bonds that reduce conflict and confusion, gain a shared understanding and excitement for the future, identify key skills and rolls to gain and grow, and outline communications channels that will keep information flowing.

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