Set aside 3 times per day to check email

Hey Mama! This is Robin Camarote with your Working Mom Tip of the Day.    

Set aside 3 times per day to check email    I often have all of my multiple email inboxes up and running throughout the day. It's distracting and takes time away from my most important tasks. I do this because I want people to know I'm there and think I'm responsive but this comes at a price. Instead of constantly reacting, I'm trying something else. I schedule 3 times a day to check email. Within about 30 minutes of starting my day, after lunch, and one hour before I plan to end for the day. If I can't quickly resolve the question or issue in the message, I'll schedule time for later in the week on my calendar to address it. This requires some self-discipline and a committment to put yourself first which is the hardest part for me. But limiting distractions is the only way to get focused blocks of time.

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