Take an incremental approach to goal-setting

Hey Mama! This is Robin Camarote with your Working Mom Tip of the Day.    

Instead of setting big goals, set small, more-realistic ones. Then promise yourself to set another and another and another as you achieve them. This incremental approach is more effective because what you want is progress- no “all or nothing.”

How can you tell if a goal is too big? Sometimes we don’t know enough to know when we’ve bitten off too much. Consider asking a trusted friend for their opinion.

Once you’ve set a goal, make achieving that goal part of your daily life by changing your habits. Any goal you work on once a week or once a month is destined to be forgotten or pushed down on your priority list. 

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Keep it simple

Keep it simple. Life as a working mom is complicated. It just is. And sometimes we unintentionally make it worse by adding more to the schedule. Then we feel guilty about not doing enough. It's a vicious cycle that keeps us running and never able to feel caught up. Break that cycle just for a day by focusing on keeping things simple. Be present and do the best you can. It's good and that's good enough.