Flip Negative Self-Talk

Hey Mama! This is Robin Camarote with your Working Mom Tip of the Day.    

Too many working moms beat themselves up. Negative self-talk can be so much a part of the running dialog in your head that you don’t even notice it. All of that negativity can ruin your day and hold you back from achieving your goals. Research shows while negative emotions can create short-term motivation, they’re not effective in creating lasting changes in your behavior.

To flip that negative self-talk, start by paying attention and noticing when you do it. Then ask yourself, "If I heard a child say these words, how would I respond?" 

As adults with responsibilities and experiences, we forget to be kind and encouraging to ourselves. We lose touch with the knowledge that pep talks work. While there is a time and place for tough, reality-checking conversations, the day-to-day dialog we have in our own heads needs to be focused on what’s possible—not excuses for what we don’t think we can accomplish.

Thanks for listening. You got this! For more, head over to my blog at robincamarote.com