Don't second guess yourself

Hey mama, this is Robin Camarote with your Working Mom Tip of the Day.    

Today's tip? Don't second guess yourself. One of the biggest causes of stress during the day is making and remaking the same decisions over and over again. Today, make a choice and stick with it and save the mental energy for the next big decision coming your way. 

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Create a recurring meeting for yourself

Create a recurring meeting for yourself. Block off a half-hour or more for yourself each workday. Use this time to tackle your most important task first. Try to avoid accepting other meetings during this time and treat it like any other commitment on your calendar. See how much progress you make on the things most important to you.

Practice saying no at work today

Practice saying no at work today
As a mom, you probably say no quite a bit. The word no sets limits and expectations for our kids. It helps them learn while staying safe and healthy. So, why is it often so difficult to say no at work? Many of us deeply want to be liked at the office which means we say yes a lot. Stay focused and productive by saying no to requests that that should be done by someone else.

Document your routine today

Document your routine today
You waste time in ways you can't see unless you write your activities. Take a few minutes throughout the day today to jot down the typical steps in your routine. At the end of the day, reflect on the entire process and find one or two things you could combine or eliminate to make your day run more efficiently.

Wake up 15 minutes earlier tomorrow

Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and use the time to work on one of your big annual goals. With just this little block of time, you can get in a quick workout, plan healthy meals for the week, write in your journal, or read a professional journal to keep your skills sharp. Make up the 15 minutes of sleep by going to bed earlier tonight.