I'm Robin!

I am a creative problem-solver hell-bent on helping others get the results they want in life and work.

I’ve spent the past two decades supporting clients in government and private business. I’ve consulted with all kinds of people and organizations in dozens of industries. And I’ve helped all of them improve their effectiveness, up their impact, get more done, and feel good about it.

Burnout, self-doubt, and wondering what the heck you’re doing in your professional life is real. I’ve been there.

I wanted to succeed as a leader. I wanted to do work that I felt mattered. I wanted to love my job. But that’s not always how things went.

I thought I was taking a break before law school when I got into consulting. And I quickly realized how much I loved working. The office, my colleagues, the pace, the client challenges—even just getting dressed every morning, riding the train, and going out to lunch.

My one-year break turned into ten. But when I was promoted to senior management, I faced serious issues leading and motivating my growing team.

I remember thinking, ‘If nothing else, I’m going to be a good manager.’


As I advanced in my career, I faced a lot of stress and an intense workload. Plus, I had a large team to manage. Add marriage and early motherhood to the mix and … I was a mess.

I was resentful of the demands of other staff. I was intolerant of anything I deemed non-essential to work. And I was hyper-focused on meeting the demands of my boss and our clients. All of which came at the expense of my team.

One day 20 members of my team walked into my office and resigned. I was shocked and humiliated. And in an instant I realized what was most important in my office and every other—the people that make it all happen. I vividly remember thinking, “If I do nothing else, I’m going to be a good manager.”

Leadership is for all

After that day I assessed where things had gone wrong, I recommitted to the people on my team, and I studied leadership development with a vengeance.

I learned what people want is to be empowered. They want to be trusted to make decisions, share their opinions, and take ownership of their role. They want to show up as leaders, too. And I believe that from day one they should be trained and rewarded as such.

When you empower everyone to show up as a leader, you maximize the potential of your organization. And more importantly, you make work a source of pride and identity for everyone, regardless of their role.

Everyone deserves career success and fulfillment

Today, I provide actionable support and strategy for HR specialists ready to own their power as culture carriers, redefine what HR can do, and shake things up in their organization.

I’ve helped hundreds of HR managers achieve clarity, focus, and positive results for themselves and those around them.

My thoughts and recommendations on leadership, increasing confidence in decision-making, and owning your outcomes have been featured in numerous journals, websites, and other publications.

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