Imagine everyone in your organization aligned, committed, and working together—regardless of title

Expanding leadership "know how" and confidence  helps you create exactly that

Imagine everyone in your organization aligned, committed, and working together—regardless of title

Expanding to "Leadership for All" helps you create exactly that

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In-person and virtual leadership and team development programs, individual and group coaching, and professional speaking services.

Get expert guidance so you and your team are able to fully participate in progress
Engage everyone in their own learning and development (regardless of their position)
Get crystal clear on where you’re headed and how you’ll get there
Get everyone in the same boat, rowing together
Illuminate a bright future for all employees that makes them excited to stay and grow

Build a high-performing team

Drive your people and your business forward

The foundational concepts of leadership benefit all. Empower your team and establish alignment to create momentum that results in you meeting and exceeding your growth and profitability targets ahead of time.

Leadership Training


Leadership development employees love

Inspire your employees to step up and lead—regardless of their role and title.

Interactive, engaging leadership training workshops provide the core concepts and skills all employees need to connect, commit, and thrive. Just like the rising tide lifts all boats, expanding leadership skills results in greater productivity, engagement, focus, and collaboration. Included:

  • Kick-off and planning call to identify goals, challenges, and blind spots
  • 4, 60-minute workshops with tailored case studies, exercises, and coaching, built just for you and your team
  • Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment for all participants
  • Weekly all-employee motivational emails to build momentum and establish rapport
  • Pre- and post-survey to measure progress and include in executive reporting
  • Check-ins throughout the 90 days* with executive team sponsor (or team) to ensure we’re on the right track

Teambuilding Workshops


Team alignment that sticks

Get everyone working towards the same goal

As a leader, you want a team- not a collection of individual contributors. One of your most important jobs is getting people to work well together. You know that teamwork requires maintenance and helping groups get back on track when they’re distracted, in conflict, or not seeing the vision. This interactive, engaging workshop delivers greater understanding, buy-in, and commitment. Specifically, the session includes:

  • Kick-off and planning call to discuss the challenges you’re seeing on your team(s)
  • A baseline survey to gauge where they’re aligned and not
  • 1, 90-minute workshop designed to shift the group to greater focus and sense of possibility
  • Post-workshop action plan laying out clear next steps to build cohesion, track progress, and ensure accountability
  • Check-ins periodically after the session with the executive team sponsor (or team) to troubleshoot any issues


"Through these workshops, we finally broke through and had the conversations we needed. Employees’ worries came out so we could address them head-on and start rebuilding trust."

- Sherrie, a large manufacturing organization

"I wasn’t sure this program would fit our culture. Being able to facilitate these meetings ourselves allowed us to connect with employees and build stronger relationships."

- Keith, federal chief government technology officer


You’ve invested in your people. It’s time to see a return.

Accelerate your positive impact by expanding leadership development, engaging employees, and creating lasting buy-in that moves your organization toward its big goals. Learn how to drive performance and engage employees to do their best work.

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